Masters Conference Washington DC: Modern Data & Devices in Transit Discussion Panel

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This engaging panel will provide a hands-on look at the intricacies and necessary procedures when working with modern data. During this session, Kevin Clark, CEO, Right Discovery and Jason Voss, Owner & CTO, Converse Data will walk through several scenarios covering the perspective of the in-house counsel, external counsel and the forensics/processing vendor that needs to format, map and structuralize the data using review tools specifically designed for processing data within emails and files. However, new territories of modern data from sources such as Slack and social media exports, such as Facebook messages and content pages, which are heavily relied on as communication platforms, present even more challenges in the collections and document review processes.  

From an in-house perspective, the ongoing debate of items such as “What needs to be preserved?”, “What are we obligated to produce?”, and most importantly, “What types of data sources (and on what devices) are we going to map data for?”. These are only a few considerations that must be addressed by all stakeholders.  External Counsel needs to identify data sources and assist in determining what data is relevant and in turn, coordinate and lead the efforts to find, review and comply with these obligations.  Where the challenge arises is bringing in an expert to work with these various types of modern data in order to format them in compliance with Investigation and Document Review Tools. Join in on the conversation at the Masters Conference Washington DC on April 17, 2024, hosted by Sidley Austin LLP.


Mable Tun, Freddie Mac

Amanda Merrill, Capital One

Alicia Clausen, Crowell & Moring

Nick Eglevsky, Blank Rome

Jason Voss, Converse Data

Kevin M. Clark, Right Discovery

Masters Conference Washington DC Event Details

April 17, 2024

Sidley Austin LP

1501 K Street Northwest #600

Washington, DC 20005

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Founded in 2006, The Masters Conference is a boutique thought leadership forum where a select group of speakers, vendors, and attendees convene to engage in a proactive collaboration on current challenges within the legal space. This includes such areas as eDiscovery, artificial intelligence, information governance, legal project management, forensics and investigations, data governance, knowledge management, cybersecurity and data breaches, and other current trending topics.

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Converse data has been busy since launching in 2021. Our clients have sent us over 20 distinct sources of data from Facebook Messenger to Viber. This list grows nearly every month. It is essential that our solution evolve with the changes in mobile forensics, social media, and corporate messaging platforms (i.e. Teams, Slack).

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