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Digital forensic discovery is the linchpin in uncovering the truth. From cybercrime to litigation, meticulous data gathering is essential. Right Discovery's team of certified forensic specialists plays a pivotal role in the data collection and preservation process, as well as serving as consultants and as experts to testify on the integrity of the data during hearings.


Hosting your clients’ data, regardless of platform, should be secure, dependable, and accessible. By working with the industry’s leaders we guarantee a platform that fits your eDiscovery needs no matter how unique. We believe each of our technology partners has distinctive offerings that benefit our clients' differently. No matter the size or complexity of your data we will find the right solution that works for you.


Document Review is the most crucial aspect of the eDiscovery process. As data continues to grow, relying on technology is a must in order to keep review cost efficient. By leveraging advanced analytics and our team’s expertise, we ensure review support that is quick and accurate.

Whether you need total support or a simple extension of your team, we have the resources to alleviate the burden of today’s discovery demands.


Our team supplies you with the necessary legal personnel to support your unique business needs. We define the needs for entry-level to senior support positions, identify highly skilled candidates to meet your job requirements, and place qualified candidates for full-time employment. When needed, we provide our very own Right Discovery employees under short term or long term contracts to ensure the job is done right.

Trial Prep

We help you effectively organize the information collected from the eDiscovery process and prepare the evidence to support your case. This process aids in creating a roadmap for the entire trial, identifying strengths and weaknesses in your litigation strategy throughout the process. Our services help to streamline the work through effective communication channels and advanced technology to allow for real time data collection and distribution.

Courtroom Reporting & Deposition Services

Our top-tier courtroom reporting and deposition services offering meticulous documentation and real-time reporting to bolster your legal cases. Trust us for accurate and dependable support in the deposition process and throughout the courtroom proceedings.

Cyber Data Breach & Incident Response

In the event of a cyber breach, responding to legal actions or investigations often necessitates the identification, collection, and production of Electronically Stored Information (ESI). This is particularly vital when there's a need to inform agencies, governing bodies, and affected individuals about compromised data.

Right Discovery leverages advanced artificial intelligence, cutting-edge document recognition technology, and the expertise of our seasoned in-house document review team to conduct thorough analyses of data sets during both data and legal discovery stages.

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